Rethink Learning™

Exemplary professional development solutions to fit your needs.

STEM Made Simple® Virtual Summit co-hosted by NYSCATE

Summit sessions explore some of the pedagogical approaches that make up STEM, how to bring STEM into the classroom, and how to plan for and assess the STEM classroom.

edFocus Industry Summit

Join us for a new virtual conference for the education industry to hear firsthand from leading educators about how the industry can help schools innovate and find solutions to the unprecedented challenges created by the coronavirus.

Virtual Learning Events

Connect with a professional learning community of educators in any of these virtual professional development events focused on remote learning.

Remote teaching solutions for your school

Continuity of learning solutions for your school or district.

Custom-built PD for your school

Our workshops focus on pedagogical application, not just the tools. We empower teachers to use technology in educationally meaningful ways that support student agency and inquiry-based learning.

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