Focused on pedagogy. Based on the ISTE Standards.

ISTE is focused on pedagogy, not tools. It’s not about edtech per se, it’s about what you do with the tech to transform learning and improve student outcomes.

Ready for ISTE Certification?

To be successful in this program we believe it is important to consider these questions.

  1. Are you an educator who is interested in professional growth and who sees the ISTE Standards as a roadmap for using technology to learn?
  2. Are you an educator who has experience and comfort using varied technology in the classroom?
  3. Are you an educator who is comfortable with and has experience successfully taking online professional learning (courses)?

What Educators Think About Our

ISTE Certification Workshops

ISTE Certification Workshop Locations

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“My overall experience with the training was excellent.

They really used a variety of learning methods. It was

an opportunity to get to know people from around the

area and I’m walking away feeling confident with my



-Ann Oro, Director of Instructional Technology, Diocese of Newark

Why Become an ISTE Certified Educator?

Recognized by ISTE, valued by leaders.


  • The ISTE Standards define a new skill set that empowers educators to rethink and redesign learning with technology. ISTE recognizes individuals who can demonstrate and apply the standards, earning the distinction of an ISTE Certified Educator.
  • Leaders are looking for those with a growth mindset to adapt, thrive and lead learning with technology in their schools and districts. Earning the ISTE Certification demonstrates to leaders and colleagues those who have the initiative, drive and skills needed to transform, personalize and empower learning in the classroom and school.

Based on globally recognized standards.


  • States, districts and schools are using the ISTE Standards as their framework for digital learning because the standards are based on research, were built by educators for educators and help prepare students for success in a digital world.
  • Educator preparation programs are using the ISTE Standards to graduate the next generation of teachers capable of using technology purposefully for learning.

Pedagogy first, technology second.


  • Unlike certifications from the private sector, the ISTE Certification for Educators is vendor neutral, so the skills developed will be transferable to any system, device, or tool.
  • While technology opens up a whole new world of opportunities for learnings, the ISTE Certification for Educators focuses on changing practice and improving learning outcomes with technology.

Steps to Becoming an ISTE Certified Educator

Attend an in-person workshop (12 hours of face-to-face instruction)

Complete online coursework (9 weeks / 4-6 hrs per week of eLearning)

Assemble and submit ePortfolio

Benefits of becoming an ISTE Certified Educator

  • Opportunity to earn two graduate level credits.
  • Becomes part of the ISTE Certified Educator community
  • Join ISTE Certified Educator meetups at the ISTE conference
  • Identify yourself with the ISTE Certified Educator email signature and digital badges

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Required Investment: $749
*Special rates for school or district cohorts.

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ISTE Certification Testimonials

ISTE Certification for Educators is a new competency-based, vendor and device-neutral teacher certification based on the ISTE Standards for Educators. This digital credential recognizes educators who understand how to use edtech for learning in meaningful and transformative ways.

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