What is a STREAM Made Simple Summit?

STREAM is much more than the subjects represented by the letters, it is an integrated approach that uses project-based learning to enable students to understand the relevancy of their learning to the world around them.

So how do we make this happen? How does a school or district implement a STREAM program that aligns across the curriculum?

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Who Attends STREAM Summits?

STREAM Summit Locations

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Topics may include, but are not limited to:


Dollar Store STEM

Leading and Planning STEM

Early Education and Coding

STEMSteps™ - STEM for Special Needs

Merging AR + VR into the Classroom

Student Sharing in the STEM Classroom

STEM Challenge

Standardizing STEM

Project-Based Learning with Digital Tools

“Absolutely a must for all schools

who have a STEM/STREAM program.”

Why Attend?


  Learn how to integrate STREAM into curricula
  Discover best-in-class resources
  Engage in hands-on activities
  Learn why coding matters
  Explore strategies for district adoption
  Plan effective makerspaces
 Try out the latest & best-in-class STREAM tools in the STREAM Playground

Test out the latest and best-in-class STREAM tools

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