Project Pals is your digital hub for Project-Based Learning and STEM integration.

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Improve collaboration, critical thinking, communication and problem-solving through computational and design thinking strategies

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Access data and analytics to gain transparency to student work

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Bring 21st century workplace skills to the 3rd-12th grade classroom

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Collect evidence of work while students acquire project management skills

Project Pals is your digital hub for Project-Based Learning and STEM integration that improves student learning and enhances instruction in one easy-to-implement platform.


Instill 21st-century skills more effectively than teaching to a test. As an interactive platform for student-centered inquiry and project-based learning, Project Pals helps you streamline and organize independent assignments and group projects.


The updated-in-real-time collaboration workspace enables students to visualize information, create meaning, and methodically solve problems across disciplines, while centralizing your assessments, feedback, and project management.

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Professional Development

for Project Pals

The Platform


Equipped with powerful knowledge creation and visualization tools, the Project Pals platform allows students to create project assets, import media, and visualize relationships within a collaborative workspace updated in real time.

Teachers can organize, monitor, and assess multiple projects simultaneously, get inspired by Project Pals’ Catalog of Common Core-aligned projects, and share student work with peers and parents.



The Project Pals methodology incorporates learning principles based on cognitive research—external problem representations, computational thinking, design thinking, systems thinking, and collaborative problem solving—to improve students’ approach to learning across disciplines.

“Project Pals offers a consistent method for deconstructing and examining problems, facilitating collaboration and piecing together viable solutions.”


-Maegan Rutherford, STEM Coordinator &
Teacher, Haralson County Middle School

Bring 21st century learning to life


Equipped with powerful knowledge creation and visualization

tools, the Project Pals platform empowers students to

investigate, create, and problem-solve in an interactive

workspace updated in real time.




Create an original project, choose one from our Catalog of Common Core-aligned projects, or co-author and co-manage projects with other teachers on interdisciplinary inquiries. Once a project is created, you can form teams and assign tasks.




Create original project assets and import assets, including media files and Google docs. You can also drag-and-drop assets within the workspace—visually arranging content in meaningful ways—and tag assets to classify and organize information.

Monitor & Assess



Monitor student progress in the workspace updated in real time, plus comment on student work, chat with teams, and evaluate proficiency using our built-in rubric tool. You have access to project data for unprecedented insight into individual and team contributions.




Publish student projects and portfolios to a School or District Library to build a Learning Hub and share work with peers and parents. Your students can present findings to an audience by designing a deck or digital poster board.

A multipurpose platform for

critical thinking development



Project Pals provides a single platform to research, create,

present, assess, and share knowledge. The platform enhances

everyday student-centered learning activities and long-term

collaborative projects.

When to Use Project Pals



Teachers from grade 4 through college use Project Pals across a range of subjects to empower student-centered learning and promote 21st-century skill development.

Research Projects


Develop short- and long-term individual and group projects across all subjects

Scientific Explorations


Document offline experiments and import media files as project assets

Literacy Development


Create a book report with character and plot analyses

Critical Thinking Activities


Compare and contrast, sort and classify, modeling and mapping

Eduscape offers professional learning based on your needs.



We’ll help you develop the skills you need to support the use of Project Pals at your school.

Case Study

Sample Lesson


Project Pals Academy enables teachers to utilize Project Pals to engage students in immersive learning experiences. Teachers will be able to prepare and deliver lessons to students to enhance student learning using the Project Pals platform.

Getting Started with Project Pals

In Day 1 of this hands-on introduction to Project Pals course, you will take full advantage of Project Pals’ visualization tools. You will import media, diagram relationships, and create project assets. You will be able to design projects so that learners can collaborate with each other in real time. You will discover that Project Pals brings Project-based learning to life.


In Day 2 of this Project Pals course, you’ll use Project Pals to turn “invisible” computational and design thinking of your students’ works into visible learning to use with formative assessments. By the completion of this workshop, you will create a project-based lesson you can use right away with your students.

Project-Based Learning – A Digital Roadmap

When you create project-based learning (PBL) activities in Project Pals, you are supporting computational thinking, design thinking and collaborative problem solving. In this hands-on workshop, you will build on your learning from your Getting Started with Project Pals workshop.


You will learn about the advanced techniques and features of Project Pals and will be able to create timelines, visual representations of relationships, and develop a structured analysis to support reasoned conclusions. You will further advance your skills in Project Pals to assist your students secure their skills in PBL, which will benefit them as life long learners.

Project-Based Learning and STEM Made Simple with Project Pals

Eduscape’s STEM Made Simple and Project Pals are a perfect pair. In this hands-on workshop, you will experience the value of combining STEM Made Simple, which addresses inquiry and project-based learning with Project Pals. You will explore these learning models, as well as the Engineering Design Process and Transdisciplinary Lesson Design.


You will define the difference between project and problem-based learning and create lessons and activities that align to each category. By the completion of this workshop, you will learn how to make the most of all of Project Pal’s tools and features to support learning experiences that promote increased student engagement and student agency.

Sustainable Project-Based Learning – Integration into Strategic Planning

In this hands-on workshop, you will delve deeply into sustainable project based learning (PBL) with Project Plans. By the completion of this workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge to integrate sustainable PBL with Project Pals into your strategic planning for your students.