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School Day amplifies student voice in K12 education to enhance student wellbeing for better learning results.

School Day is perfect for today’s challenging environment



As the world is impacted by COVID-19, we want to support schools and families around the world.



Inspired by the ways educators foster community beyond the classroom, we have curated and embedded a set of research-based School Day questions and built a model to support the wellbeing of students in a remote learning situation.



Support your students’ wellbeing, guide their social and emotional development, and stay connected with them even in remote learning.


  • How are your students feeling about studying remotely?
  • How are your students able to focus on schoolwork remotely?
  • Are your students lonely, stressed or bored?

How Does It Work?



School Day is an AI-backed solution designed to empower education, providing unique possibilities for schools and districts to support leadership, make pedagogical decisions and enhance learning results.



School Day is easy, fun and engaging. It creates a sense of belonging and allows students to be part of building a better school day.

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