STEM Made Simple Summit to be Hosted by UMass Dartmouth and Eduscape

STEM Made Simple Summit to be Hosted by UMass Dartmouth and Eduscape

Montvale, NJ – August 20, 2019 – The Kaput Center for STEM and Innovation at UMass Dartmouth (Kaput Center) will be hosting the Massachusetts STEM Made Simple Summit on October 4, 2019. The Kaput Center has partnered with Eduscape, a leading K-12 professional learning organization, to deliver impactful and relevant sessions on STEM education and best practices for schools.  Attendees will explore ideas, resources and shared experiences of integrating STEM throughout the curriculum.

Over the past five years, STEM education has undergone many iterations. Beginning with enhancements to the acronym itself; we have gone from STEM to STEAM to STREAM, and just to confuse matters even more, we started adding “Makerspace” to the equation. STEM is much more than the subjects represented by the letters, it is an integrated approach that uses project-based learning to enable students to understand the relevance of their learning to the world around them. STEM is important not only for the reasons we hear all over the media. Certainly, there are a lot of jobs in STEM that are stable and lucrative career paths. But, to me, the value of STEM is the thinking skills that are promoted in a strong STEM curriculum. Students engaged in STEM are creative, collaborative, and communicating. They are engaged in problem-solving, which builds perseverance. They apply powerful habits of mind that include using evidence to create arguments, looking for and making sense of patterns, and learning to represent the world around them in a variety of ways ranging from equations and graphs to photographs and models. All students should have access to STEM because all students should have opportunities to make sense of their world in these ways.” said Chandra Orrill, Director of the Kaput Center at UMass Dartmouth.

“The partnership with Dr. Orrill and her team at the Kaput Center is one of our most important relationships because it adds a critical element of research-based approaches to STEM Education. We want to empower educators to make more informed decisions around the planning and execution of STEM initiatives. There are too many schools buying “stuff” because it’s popular or looks good in a catalog; we must elevate the discussion around STEM and ensure that curriculum-aligned strategies for the everyday teacher are part of the planning process.” stated Alex Urrea, Managing Partner of Eduscape.

The STEM Made Simple Summit is one of several initiatives that the Kaput Center and Eduscape are undertaking as part of a comprehensive partnership to help research and deliver exemplary STEM programs to K-12 educators and students. Attendees at the STEM Made Simple Summit will have an opportunity to attend various sessions on topics such as: Early Education & Coding, Project-Based Learning with Digital Tools, Minecraft for EDU, and many more. The Kaput Center is excited about our growing partnership with Eduscape. We have a set of shared goals and values. Eduscape is on the leading edge of innovations in STEM Education – both in terms of tools for K-12 and pedagogical approaches that support STEM learning in meaningful ways. Bringing the STEM Made Simple Summit to the SouthCoast has been a goal for Alex Urrea and me since we started talking about the Kaput Center working with Eduscape. We have great educators in the SouthCoast who often don’t have access to professional development events because so many of them are in Boston or require further travel. Being able to bring Eduscape’s experience and matching it with the Kaput Center’s knowledge of education in our region will lead to a highly relevant and interesting professional learning experience.” – added Dr. Orrill

About UMass Dartmouth

UMass Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant, public research university dedicated to engaged learning and innovative research resulting in personal and lifelong student success. The University serves as an intellectual catalyst for economic, social, and cultural transformation on a global, national, and regional scale. UMass Dartmouth is a globally recognized premier research university committed to inclusion, access, advancement of knowledge, student success, and community engagement.

The Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education is an interdisciplinary research center where fundamental issues in STEM education are studied, discussed, and analyzed through conferences, interdisciplinary colloquium series, basic research and development, commissioned reports, educational outreach, and think-tank meetings. The Kaput Center also serves as a living laboratory for graduate students and UMassD faculty in the STEM Education PhD program.

About Eduscape

Headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, Eduscape is the leading professional learning organization in the country. Its team of experienced educators has developed and delivered professional development to over 600,000 educators and school leaders. The organization’s expertise ranges from interactive technologies, classroom productivity applications to STEM Education. Eduscape is a Google for Education Training Partner, a leading Microsoft Global Training Partner and the only privately-held certified provider of the ISTE Educator Certification. It has been selected by over 20 award-winning STEM product companies to develop their training academies.

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